When choosing a commercial real estate agent, many companies choose to go with a larger, nation-wide brokerage. While those brokerages do have several advantages, such as name recognition and large teams, they are not always the best choice.

Jack Holler Commercial Real Estate is a boutique brokerage, offering several advantages that larger brokerages don’t:

  • More personal attention – Rather than dividing our time amongst hundreds of clients, our agents typically maintain a roster of less than 10 clients at any one time. This allows us to give you the dozens (or hundreds) of hours that your transaction requires without having you queue up behind other clients. Your transaction requires immediate attention, and we are here to provide that. You will always receive prompt replies to your questions and instructions, as well as the hard work and dedication that you deserve.

  • All clients treated equally – Most large brokerages are primarily interested in whales: the larger, multi-million-dollar deals. This usually results in smaller clients being treated like second-class citizens, then falling through the cracks. At JHCRE, we pride ourselves in treating all clients and transactions – from 1,000sf to 1,000,000sf – equally.

  • Single point of contact – While our agents utilize the services of other commercial real estate professionals (such as appraisers, inspectors, attorneys, etc), you will always deal directly with your dedicated agent. You will never be shuffled around to less experienced assistants or different agents within the brokerage


Agents at Jack Holler Commercial Real Estate work on a 30-day exclusive agency basis. This means that we guarantee to work hard for you (and not charge you anything) on the condition that you recognize us as your exclusive commercial agent.

While some business owners believe it to be beneficial to have multiple agents working for them (and hence against each other), in fact the opposite is true. When an agent works on a non-exclusive basis, he/she is generally less motivated to give you the time and dedication that you require. If there is no guarantee of a commission (from the landlord/seller), the agent is likely to spend his/her time on other projects that do include a guarantee of landlord/seller commission.

Most commercial real estate transactions (that are done well) take between 50 and 200 hours of an agent’s time. Non-exclusive agents are likely to only give you only 1 or 2 hours. Yes, they could get lucky for you, but chances are their time will be wasted, and you’ll never hear from them again.

An exclusive agent should perform as an actual employee and treat you with the same dedication he/she would to a full-time employer. Even if you don’t choose JHCRE, we strongly encourage you to work exclusively with one agent. Rather than spending your time fishing for multiple agents who will be of questionable quality and dedication, choose an expert that you know will work hard for you.

We will be happy to provide you with references from clients who will testify to the advantages of using an exclusive agent.


Additionally, JHCRE will send out an e-blast to more than 500 commercial agents across the valley describing your needs. In effect, we act as your market coverage, single point of contact and gatekeeper for every broker in the area.

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