If you’re tired of paying rent and would like to own your own commercial building, now is the time! The market has dropped considerably, and commercial property is now more affordable than it has been in years. Some properties can be purchased for 40-60% less than what they were worth two years ago.


Additionally, when you purchase a property, your monthly payments can be locked for as long as 20 years. That means no annual rent increases ever, no landlord-favoring leases, and never losing your space to a bigger tenant. Finally, when your competitors are signing future leases at inflated rents, your real estate expenses will remain at this year's expense, giving you a long-term, sustainable market advantage.

You may also be able to purchase your building with as little as 5% down. The SBA 504 program is a government-backed loan program designed to help small businesses purchase their own properties with a smaller than normal down payment. Some conditions and qualifications apply. Email Joshua Cohen for details.




Whether you’re an experienced or novice investor, commercial real estate is a solid investment option that may be a great addition to your investment portfolio. Quality commercial properties generally have reliable businesses paying market rent on long-term leases. Not only do they offer greater potential for higher returns than most residential investments, they are generally easier to manage as well. Most professional real estate investors eventually migrate to commercial properties, simply because of the safety, long-term planning and more-guaranteed income.

Now is an incredible time to get into the commercial real estate market. Prices are down, and interest rates are among the lowest they've ever been. Many of these properties are solid money-makers with guaranteed monthly income from national credit tenants – they not only pay your mortgage for you, but sometimes your property taxes, insurance and maintenance as well. Others are vacant and can be used for your own business. Owner-user properties can usually be purchased with as little as 5-10% down.

Most commercial investment properties require at least $250,000 down. If you are interested in getting into commercial investment, but are not at that investment level, you can also consider a Tenant-in-Common (TIC) purchase. TIC investments generally require less down payment (usually starting at around $50,000), and you purchase only a partial ownership in the property. TIC properties typically have experienced investors who manage the properties and simply provide a guaranteed return on your investment. This is usually in the 8-11% range, but can vary. TIC's are a great way to start your commercial real estate investment portfolio.

Now is a great time to expand your portfolio with a safer, longer-term real estate investment. Contact Joshua Cohen to discuss your investment goals, financing, the market, and how to take advantage of it.




Wall Street Journal Interview... now is a great time to invest in commercial real estate.



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