The following is a typical procedural timeframe for a commercial real estate transaction:

   1. Evaluate client needs and establish agency relationship (1-2 days)
   2. Initial search, including market familiarity, multiple database searches, e-blast to more than 500 listing agents, and driving key areas (2-7 days)
   3. Present top 5-30 location choices to client for review (1-2 days)
   4. Site tours (1-2 days)
   5. Narrow or modify search with additional tours (1-2 weeks) - optional
   6. Present Letters Of Intent & negotiate on top 2-3 choices (1-3 weeks)
   7. Contract review & negotiation (1-3 weeks) - JHCRE does not provide legal advice
   8. Contract execution

Commercial real estate transactions typically take 3-6 months from start to finish. However, due to our expertise and connections, we typically take half that time.

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